Windows Server 2019 - Administration - Top reasons to enhance your skills

Practice Labs has helped thousands of Windows Server Administrators, Systems Administrators and Engineers gain experience and skills within the Windows Server family.  

Are you a server administrator or system administrator?  

Alternatively, are you a system engineer or support engineer, who might be an existing Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) around Windows Server 2016, but now wants to learn more about Windows Server 2019? 

Are you frustrated that for 2020 Microsoft has retired the MCSA track, meaning the only way to achieve all Windows Server 2019 is by learning Microsoft Azure Apps, Infrastructure and Data plus AI solutions exams? 

Well Practice Labs has produced an updated virtual IT lab specifically for Windows Server 2019 allowing you to benefit from upskilling your skills and technologies to the new Windows Server version.  

Additionally, we have a number of the top reasons you should consider upgrading your skills to the new Windows Server 2019 from previous versions: 

  • Upskill – Current server administrators will no longer be able to prove their skills via certification against server 2019 due to the retirement of the MCSA track. 
    This lab supports the growth of those specialized skills you need for the new version should your business adopt or upgrade from previous Windows Server versions.  
  • Market Share – Despite there being a number of other potential OS options for on-premise servers Microsoft still dominates the market in terms of market share. Therefore, Administrators and Engineers with Windows Server experience will continue to be needed as organizations look to maintain or migrate to Windows Server 2019.
  • Entry point for Azure – It is hard to ignore the growth of Microsoft’s cloud solution, Azure, in recent years. Windows Server 2019 biggest selling point is the inbuilt ability to integrate with Azure to become a hybrid solution with both on premise and cloud solution. 

But, there still needs to be the fundamental building blocks of upskilling to the latest version release, this lab will serve as an opportunity to learn about the changes and enhancements within the new version. 

  • Improvements of 2019 over previous Windows Server versions – Server 2019 has seen a number of significant changes and updates that will be worth learning now even if your organization is not quite ready to upgrade.  

As an administrator or engineer you are constantly having to learn as systems expand or services become ever more interconnected.  

A big area of expansion and update within the new version is enhancement to performance monitoring for mixed server environments, security with advanced threat protection and smaller footprint (ServerCore).  

Interested? But, want to know what our Windows Server 2019 Administration lab will cover in terms of skills? 

The new lab covers:

  • Creating a virtual machine 
  • Installation of Windows Server 2019 (Core) 
  • Configuration of DNS server 
  • Create a DNS zone 
  • Create a DNS policy
  • Assess the infrastructure with Microsoft Assessment Planning Toolkit 
  • Configure Raid, Mirrored and Striped volumes 
  • Create and manage virtual hard disks 
  • Install and manage additional domain controllers
  • Perform Windows Server backups 
  • Create network shares 
  • Configure and manage centralized event logs 
  • Create and manage virtual switches 
  • Configure virtual machines 
  • Create and configure virtual hard disks 
  • Create checkpoints for virtual machines 
  • Monitor performance on Windows Server 2019 
  • Installation and configuration of Windows Update Service (WSUS)

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