Time to upskill - Windows Server 2019 - Configuring & Maintaining


Practice Labs have released a new virtual IT lab to support system administrators, server administrators and engineers with intermediate skills in a Windows Server 2019 environment.

What are the main reasons you as IT professionals should be considering our latest lab?

  • Reduction in Microsoft certifications and upskilling – This point covers a number of recent and ongoing changes within the Microsoft certification ecosystem with a number of certifications retiring and not having direct replacements, unfortunately for much of Windows Server 2019 there is no longer dedicated learning and certifications.
  • Building on the fundamental foundations – The new virtual IT lab will provide you as IT professionals an opportunity to gain more experience in configuration of Windows Server 2019 systems, moving beyond the fundamental Windows Server 2019 basics covered in our Windows Server 2019 – Administration Practice Lab.

  • Hitting F5 and refreshing - A refresher on a more recent version of Windows Server. Even experienced professionals need to refresh their knowledge and revisit areas they may not utilise in a day-to-day environment.

  • Dominating the market – Let’s be honest, Microsoft still dominates a number of areas within the tech world and that also applies to Windows Server.

    Therefore, continuous ongoing enhancement of your skills is essential as organizations look to migrate to the more recent versions, and equally maintain systems going forward once migrated.

  • Continuous product improvement and development – Microsoft like many other software vendors continues to tweak and improve with new iterations. Windows Server 2019 is no different with a number of key changes within security, for example threat protection.

For further information about our new Windows Server 2019 - Configuring & Maintaining Practice Lab please visit:Learn more       


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