Cheers to our one million learners!


We're proud to announce we have reached One Million Practice Labs learners, and we want to thank YOU for getting us there.



Before we start celebrating, let’s recap the journey: 


In 2018, Practice Labs co-founder Ricky Doyle set a goal to reach 1 million learners by spring 2023.  

At that time, Doyle stated:

Our mission is to help our users, customers, partners and our CREW to be better today than they were yesterday. Our vision is to help improve the IT skills of one million users by 2023. We know that achieving the first will help guarantee the second.

Quickly acquiring and building on digital skills has become critical in surviving and thriving in the modern workplace, and Practice Labs is fortunate to serve as a lifelong career partner for those wanting to build a career in the digital and cybersecurity fields.  


As we mark this special occasion with the million friends we've helped along the way, Practice Labs now stands part of a bigger goal within our larger ACI Learning family: Our combined resources are now helping to change the lives of people working towards careers in Audit, Cybersecurity and IT.


We hope you’ll join us in our digital party because we are giving away one, personal lifetime subscription to ITProTV with access to all labs, as well as a five-year and one-year subscription to three winners.


Enter the competition today!

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