Reasons to consider Practice Labs as your Digital or IT skills provider


There are a number of reasons skill seekers look to improve their skills from those looking to build fundamental digital or IT skills through to those looking to build specific or even multiple industry recognized certifications from vendors like CompTIA, Cisco or Microsoft.

Equally, a number of organizations and businesses look to enhance and improve their teams’ skills and abilities allowing them to bridge the skills gap to the next step.

Added to this, in this digital age, is the varying and dizzying array of providers offering different experiences and ways of learning (and preparing for or even assessing those skills!).

But,ultimately why should you as a skills seeker or an organization looking to enhance your teams’ skills be considering Practice Labs as your skill enhancement provider?

Well, luckily for you we have sat down with a number of the CREW here at Practice Labs and brought together the top reasons to consider Practice Labs as your digital or IT skills enhancement provider:

  • We offer real world hands-on digital and IT skills learning for everyone – Practice Labs empowers learners coming with varying skills levels the chance to build and enhance across a number of areas from the fundamental digital basics right through to highly specialized areas of IT skills.

    Additionally, in the process you are learning by doing with practical, real world experience that can continue to be utilized and built on as you or your team grow.
  • Use real, live IT equipment – at Practice Labs all the equipment you use is the real deal, that is also live IT equipment.

    This offers self-learners’ access to equipment they might struggle to get access to and for organizations safety in the knowledge that their equipment is not being utilized to carry out such training.

    Equally, at Practice Labs we don’t do simulated environments, all our IT equipment is live and ready to go.
  • All our labs are safe and secure – all our labs are safe and secure so you or your team can be safe in the knowledge that there won’t be any security risks to using our labs.

  • The opportunities across key topics from key vendors – Practice Labs offers a wide array of over 60 virtual IT labs; these cover key topics from digital literacy through to cybersecurity and cloud.

    Additionally, our Practice Labs cover a number of key vendors from industry recognized providers and vendors such as CompTIA, Cisco, Microsoft and VMware.

As you can see Practice Labs has a number of reasons to be considered for you as a skills seeker or an organization looking to enhance a teams’ set of skills. The question is are you ready to start building your digital or IT skills and learn by doing?

Practice Labs is offering you the opportunity as a self-learner or business a free demo:

      Self-learner demo    Business demo       



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