Practice Labs achieves LTI Advantage Complete certification


London, UK and Silicon Slopes, Utah, December 3 2020: Practice Labs, the digital competency hub, has been awarded the highly coveted LTI Advantage Complete certification from IMS Global Learning Consortium.

LTI Advantage Complete is made up of a package of services that extend the IMS Learning Tools Interoperability® (LTI®) 1.3 standard, which enable deeper integration of the Learning Management Systems (LMSs) used by educational institutions and organizations to facilitate the secure delivery of online learning programs.

"LTI Advantage provides a foundation for an innovative, flexible, and secure digital ecosystem, which is critical as the COVID-19 pandemic transforms the teaching and learning landscape," said Mark Leuba, vice president of product management, IMS Global Learning Consortium.  "We are pleased that Practice Labs has achieved LTI Advantage Complete conformance certification for its Practice Labs Tool to accelerate the plug-and-play interoperability that enables institutions to deliver better digital learning experiences."

To gain LTI Advantage Complete certification providers must satisfy five requirements:

  1. Security: Ensuring two-way connections between the provider and the customer are authorized and authenticated.
  2. LTI 1.3 Core: The ability to seamlessly launch products into a customer’s LMS.
  3. Assignments and Grade Services: Being able to create ‘line items’ as required – such as comments, links to resources and score data – directly within a customer’s LMS.
  4. Deep Linking: facilitating a wide range of content types and allowing customers to select or multi-select specific products to launch into their LMS, all supported by enhanced security benefits.
  5. Names and Role Provisioning Services: A mechanism which allows user data queries through the LMS.
IMS Global Consortium LTI Advantage for platform and learning tools

Image courtesy of IMS Global Learning Consortium

Commenting on the achievement, Practice Labs’ CTO and co-founder, Mark Jeggo, said: 

“Learning Tools interoperability 1.3 and LTI Advantage are transforming digital learning – making it quicker, easier and more secure for educational institutions and organizations to deliver training online. The LTI Advantage Complete standard sets out a way to securely connect learning applications – such as our live, experiential practice lab environment – with learning management systems, portals or learning object libraries, either on premise or in the cloud.”

CEO and co-founder, Ricky Doyle, added:

“In these unprecedented times, when remote learning is becoming more of a norm than an exception, the ability to protect sensitive user data, while providing a secure pathway to plug-and-play interoperability, is of paramount importance. We are delighted to have achieved this certification, which further reinforces our commitment to the highest standards of security, accessibility and functionality and our desire to open up hands-on practical digital skills training to all.”

Follow this link to view the Practice Labs’ LTI Advantage Complete certification on the IMS Global website. To find out more, Practice Labs’ partners and customers can read this post by Dave Bennett, who heads up the customer care team at Practice Labs. Dave interviewed senior developer, Matt Lindsay, to talk about how the associated enhancements will impact on Practice Labs' customers.

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