Organizational benefits to digital & IT skills upskilling


Organizational benefits by upskilling your organizations digital and IT skills.

The pandemic continues across many regions and countries is still having a huge impact that is seeing ongoing, and longer-term remote working for many workers.

Equally, across a number of areas the impact of coronavirus continues to see increasing challenges from requirements to ensure enhanced remote accessibility alongside issues such as increasing cyber threats and methods in which those threats are being carried out.

As a result, there are a number of benefits that come as a result of organizations investing and enhancing their teams digital and IT skills.

  • We can deliver relevant digital and IT skills training to your entire team - Due to our experience and skills our virtual IT labs cover fundamental digital literacy skills right through to a number of more specialized areas covering advanced IT professional skills.
  • Your team gets hands-on experience – Theoretical learning can provide a level of understanding, but cannot replace actually carrying out practical skills building experience.
  • Minimizing risk – You want your team to learn, but in an ideal world you do not want them to learn on your live environment. Well, we offer the perfect solution, they are not on your network!
  • Access to the latest technologies – Give your team access to the latest devices, hardware and software, built team skills with minimal investment in preparation for ongoing improvements such as migration to updated versions or new technologies.
  • Building resilience – Your systems, processes and procedures need resilience, but are your team really ready for challenges posed by the latest threats the pandemic has brought about? Practice Labs offers you an opportunity to ensure (through the right labs) they are ready to observe and respond in a timely manner to those emerging threats.
  • 24/7 access via web browser or your LTI integration - I don’t think we need to explain this for anyone, but our labs are there for use 24/7 morning or night.
  • Reducing certification costs – Exam certifications for many IT professional qualifications are expensive, we offer an opportunity for them to prepare in a less pressurised environment and build their experience.
  • Assessing skills and understanding – We offer an opportunity to assess skills of potential new recruits, but also to offer challenges to those already in the organization to review progress.

We offer all the above at no initial cost to you, try our free business demo with instant, unlimited time access to allow you review our sample labs and exam preps.

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