September Newsletter: Product Updates for CySA+, Digital Literacy and Cybersecurity!


For our friends in the northern hemisphere, you may have seen the sky filled with a stunning fiery red full moon yesterday – the Full Harvest Moon. Typically, you would expect to see it in September, but this year, like most things in 2020, it's gone off-piste and arrived late in October. Extra moonlight hours were used by farmers to harvest their crops as the daylight hours grew shorter, hence the name. So what's the harvest moon got to do with Practice Labs I hear you wonder? Nothing, although seeing as it's time for harvesting, it's a visual reminder of how we are cultivating new skills, both digital and IT. Which leads me to say that this Autumn, we have a colourful array of title releases, three of which I bring to you today.  

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Just released, the CompTIA CySA+ (CS0-002) live-lab is ready for learners to gain the hands-on skills they need to achieve their work-ready certification. This security lab will give IT professionals the freedom and confidence they need to practice their skills using real software and hardware, in a safe secure environment where it's OK to mess up.

Looking for further information about the new CompTIA CySA+ please visit: 

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*NEW* Cyber Security Fundamentals (PLAB-CS-FUND) 

This entry level title will give users an introduction to cybersecurity by practicing the essential skills required to work towards a career in IT security. Within this virtual lab, users will develop their skills and understanding in security data, email, anti-virus and wireless devices. Learners will also explore basic user administration, learn back-up and recovery of data, and practice safe social networking security concepts. It's a great place to start for anyone who is curious about security.

Looking for further information please visit:

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*NEW* Digital Literacy Fundamentals (PLAB-DIG-LIT)

Our newest digital literacy Practice Lab has been specifically designed to bring digital users up to speed in the digital world and progress to a career in IT. Learners will practice essential skills such as how to use Microsoft Word, Outlook, Excel and PowerPoint. They will also gain practical experience in different operating systems, and being aware of Internet and cyber security – including how to identify and counter malware attacks. Our new live-lab supports anyone looking to gain the fundamental digital skills they need to set them up for life, or a career in IT. If you are keen to more, select one of the following buttons. 

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See you next time!
Warm regards,
Ricky Doyle, CREW Captain

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