Digital Learning Best Practices - #DLDay2021


Digital Learning Day (#DLDay) has reached its 10th anniversary and Practice Labs is supporting the online celebration 

During 2020 alone we have seen a radical change in educational technology. A shift from in-person teaching with digital learning a ‘nice facility to have’, to one where digital learning forms the foundation of education and learning. The pandemic has taught us many things, so we have sat down and reflected on what we have learned... 

Number 1. Learning can happen anywhere we need (and can be) ready to learn from anywhereIn practice this can mean learning from home, at school, the library, a local coffee shop or even the beach, ultimately anywhere that the internet can be accessed.  

Number 2. Be flexible and accept change  this might be uncomfortable for many on both sides, those educators and equally you as digital learnersChange is filled with lots of new opportunities that previously may not have been possible in terms of your in-person learning.  

Number 3. Come prepared – preparing for online learning can feel worlds apart from being in a classroom. But being equipped with a good internet connection, water, chargers and notes on hand helps keep distractions to a minimum when you are learning. 

Number 4. Provide feedback  in these times of great uncertainty it is as equally as daunting for you as learners as it is for educatorsDon’t be afraid to provide feedback to your educators who can make ongoing tweaks to enhance the experience in delivering the most effective lessons possible. It has to work for you and your teacher.  

Number 5. Practice – being able to practice is an essential part of the digital learning process. Ensure you are getting the best possible learning that is not only focused on theory, but practice allows you to put those new skills into practice in the real world. 

These times are challenging for everyone, but by making your learning effectivand work for you, digital learning is as good (and in some cases better) when you really engage and accept the change.  

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