A UK Business Innovation Award Winning Month for Practice Labs


The Practice Labs CREW has plunged into the new season feet first with another fully loaded month of activity and growth.

The academic year started with an electrifying bang for the Practice Labs CREW after winning a local business award in the UK for innovation. The judges were taken with the Practice Labs story and the way our hands-on Practice Labs and Exam Preps impact on our customers. And they were equally impressed by our commitment to the local community, demonstrated by our ‘people first’ ethos, our apprenticeship scheme, our volunteer work and the way we all reflect our internal CREW values.


I was out of the country at the time so I couldn't attend the award gala evening, but co-founder, Mark Jeggo was on hand to collect the award, together with some of our CREW members. Great CREW effort guys!

Out & about

September took me to South East Asia to speak at the 100X Innovations Conference in Bangkok. Innovation is a hot topic there too and I was happy to share insights about our development roadmaps and expand on our future plans for our content library.


This month also saw Practice Labs establish a new partnership agreement with GO1 in Australia. GO1 is one of the leading online training providers in the region and has over 1.5 million learners. The agreement will provide GO1's premium customers with access to our certification-related Practice Lab and Exam Prep titles.

Take a wild guess on which country I'll be heading to in October!

New to our CREW

We've been busy recruiting again so please join us in welcoming four new members to the Practice Labs CREW, who came on board at the beginning of September.

              Kelly Jorgensen.                                                Ryan Christensen
                   Kelly Jorgensen                                                              Ryan Christensen
                         US Sales Manager                                                                                   US Sales Manager
              Tommy Petersen                                                Natalie Donnelly
                  Tommy Petersen                                                             Natalie Donnelly
                          US Sales Manager                                                                            Sr. Marketing Executive

Conferences & events

Tackling the IT skills shortage by improving job-readiness
On Thursday, 26 September, our UK office exhibited at the 2019 Skills and Employability Summit. The London-based event connected us with professionals from academic institutions and local government offices from across the UK. We shared insights and ideas on how to nurture the next generation of IT professionals and help them become job-ready.

Designed to meet the challenges academic institutions and others face, our hands-on live Practice Labs caused quite a stir with many at the event.



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