A kickstarter guide to CompTIA


What is CompTIA?

Established in 1982, the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) is a non-profit trade association based in Illinois, USA. Its activities influence legislative IT policy around the world and many describe it as the 'voice' of the ICT sector.

What does it do?

CompTIA's primary purpose is to certify vendor-neutral qualifications for the global IT sector, but the organization also researches industry trends – publishing reports of the findings. CompTIA's industry and public sector advisory councils supplement this by studying evolving markets and identifying, discussing and debating issues facing the sector, which then form the basis for CompTIA's industry guides, tools, white papers, case studies and templates

Another aspect of CompTIA’s work is ongoing collaboration with its members and IT experts to produce CompTIA Channel Standards – a collection of peer-reviewed standards and best practices for service providers to emulate.

Who are its members?

Over 2,000 vendors are CompTIA members – from large international providers to small businesses offering hardware, software and/or IT services. CompTIA also partners with around 3,000 academic and training organizations and serves tens of thousands of registered users who are seeking certification. All members are encouraged to contribute to CompTIA’s technology communities


What are the CompTIA IT communities?

These are collaborative member-forums, each focusing on a specific area of IT practice. CompTIA has a Communities Executive Board consisting of 20+ industry experts who oversee and coordinate the communities. In addition, each community will have its own team of experts, plus representatives from service providers, vendor companies and resellers.

Every community follows a set of pre-agreed community-specific aims and objectives and supports these through its activities. These activities might range from organizing conferences, events and webinars, to blogging about topics of community interest and facilitating discussion and collaboration via LinkedIn groups.

CompTIA IT communities

  • Advancing Diversity in Technology
  • Advancing Women in Technology
  • ANZ Channel
  • Canadian Business Technology
  • Emerging Technology
  • Future Leaders
  • IT Security
  • Managed Services
  • Technology Lifecycle Services
  • UK Channel


"We are proud to support the sterling work CompTIA does for our industry. The Cyber Ready programme is just one example of how CompTIA is addressing skills gaps and encouraging diversity across the UK IT sector. By making cybersecurity training, mentoring and certification available to applicants from a broad range of backgrounds and experience, CompTIA hopes to attract untapped talent and inspire them to embark on fulfilling IT careers."

Mark Jeggo,Director, Practice Labs


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