3-2-1: May's Newsletter



Set to make history, two astronauts were scheduled to launch the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket via NASA on Wednesday, but due to blustery weather, the flight was delayed for another day. This event was a personal reminder that no matter how much we plan, we can’t control everything, especially the weather!

Just like the Crew Dragon spacecraft, we have all felt a little (or very much so) grounded this year. But life is starting to change as we slowly peel ourselves out of the COVID-cocoon and carefully return to new ways of working and living, all at arms-length (times two).

As a multi-national company, each of our offices are at different stages of the transition to normality. Schools in the US remain closed, while in the UK and Australia they are starting to reopen; and business in South East Asia is beginning to return to face-to-face (or rather mask-to-mask) contact. We hope things are brightening up for you, wherever you are in the world.

Platform News 

We have recently made some significant changes to the Practice Lab platform which will have a positive impact on the user experience for our partners, customers and end users. We are pleased to introduce the next level of multi-data center integration. Not only will this support future scalability, it will also enhance redundancy, and further strengthen business continuity and disaster recovery. 

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From an end user perspective, two major changes will be evident in our platform: 

1) The historic ‘Processing … please wait’ message has been disabled and the lab allocation process is now more informative and granular, displaying:

Content retrieval
Lab data center selection.
Lab type retrieval success message. 

2) Users will be able to view which data center has been served within the lab device menu bar.

These features mark a significant capability enhancement for our platform and align with our goals to deliver the best possible end user virtual machine experience. Our external dotcom monitors have been updated to cover both data centers, and our user guide has also been revised. The guide identifies the changes from a network architecture perspective.

Coming Soon... 

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Managing Modern Desktops

MD-101 Microsoft Managing Modern Desktops - OS & Server Practice Lab - 31st July 2020

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CS0-002 CompTIA CySA+ - Cybersecurity Analyst Security Practice Lab - Coming Soon

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Curious to see our full library? Feel free to drop an email to eps@practice-labs.com and one of the team will be happy to arrange complimentary evaluation access.


Physical events are obviously cancelled, so there are no cheery group photos to share these days! Nonetheless, our CREW in South East Asia have recently partnered up with online training provider NetPro located in Hanoi. It’s a positive sign to show that business is starting to resume over there.

Onwards and upwards!Alternate text

Since in-person events are still far-flung, here are some online events that we think are worth attending if you want to stay on the tech radar:

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Summit Online 2020 is a chance to learn more about cloud computing, machine learning and network with fellow technologists from Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Sign up here.

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Microsoft Reactor events throughout June
Reactors are now offering live, online events locally and globally covering a range of technologies and skill levels. They are running a number of workshops in June on web development using Rust, Djengo, HTML, CSS, Javascript and Blockchain. Find out more here.



Learning and self-development never stops for us at Practice Labs. Applause is due for one of our CREWmembers, Louis, who is on track to pick up his 54th IT certification (way to go Louis!). On that note, if you feel we could be of any help to your online-learning plans, please do get in touch.

Keep those spirits high and we’ll catch you next month!

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